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  • You transmit for minutes minutes (and repeat).

  • Results for a controlled environment:

    For an uncontrolled environment:

    Calculation Sources:

    FCC's OST Bulletin 65, originally issued in 1985 and revised in 1997, provides additional guidance for evaluating compliance with the latest FCC policies and guidelines and is available here. A supplement for the Amateur Radio Service (Supplement B) is available here. Likewise a supplement for Mobile and Portable equipment (Supplement C) is available here.

    The Javascript contained on this page was derived from a CPM BASIC program written by Wayne Overbeck N6NB and published in the January, 1997 issue of CQ VHF, p. 33. Terms: GNU Licence. This version of the calculator is an iteration of what was generously provided by the Lake Washington Ham Club, Kirkland WA

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