Converted Double Wide Modular

Kids on the Move Converted Double Wide Modular

We got to convert a double wide modular from a youth ministry room to a Kid's Church. I really wanted to do an old Galilee theme. Robin wanted to do a ship. When we started cleaning out the storage we found some VBS shirts that had a clipper ship on the back, then we found some old Willie George Curriculum that had a privateer story. I was still fighting the ship idea, and not 5 minutes later we get a call from the old Children's Pastor stating that she had a vision of us being captains on a ship....I got the message, we are doing a ship.

We put a call out to the church about the help we needed to make this happen, and in this church of over 700, nobody came forward. I was so disheartened, but God knew what he was doing. Then we had 1 gentleman who had stopped attending the church offered to help.  He was able to make our vision come to life. We got a ship with a stage, puppet stage, and I got cannons that we hooked up a smoke machine.