CB and Amateur Radio Antenna System Evaluator

This JavaScript program evaluates the performance of your antenna system, computing the consequences of SWR and feedline loss. 73 de Ron JavaScript PROGRAM by N6ACH

original program concept done in CPM basic by KC6A and N6NB.

Antenna System
power from xmitter in wattswer from xmitter in watts -1VSWR @ xmitter 
feed line loss in db( must be in line with other values)  Enter 2.2 for dipoles; add 2.2 for antennas rated in dBd 
/* tells program what section to go to either "compute" or "reset" */



reverse power at xmitter -1VSWR @ antenna
forward power in watts at antenna reflected power in watts from the antenna
true power in watts into antenna power in watts lost in feed line
db line loss including EIRP in watts power in watts off the antenna
Coaxial Cable Loss in db per 100ft.
Frequency in Mhz
Coax Style
30 50(6m) 100 (2m) 200 300 400 500 600 700 800
Andrews FSJ4-50B (1/2" Superflex)  1.051.501.842.182.442.692.953.16
Belden 9913 (RG-8 type).65.81.301.802.252.703.003.303.603.90
Belden 9914 (RG-8/U type).81.11.602.402.953.504.004.505.005.35
Andrews FSJ1-50 (1/4" Superflex)  1.852.683.303.924.404.895.375.78
Belden 8214 (RG-8/U type)  1.802.703.454.204.735.275.806.25
Belden 8267 (RG-213/U type)  1.902.703.404.104.905.706.507.05
Belden 8268 (RG-214/U type)  1.902.703.404.104.905.706.507.05
Belden 8242 (RG-9/U type)
Belden 9258 (RG-8/X type)  3.705.406.708.009.0310.0711.1011.95
Belden 84142 (RG-142 type)  3.905.606.908.209.1310.0711.0011.75
Belden 9273 (RG-223/U type)
Belden 8240 (RG-58/U type)

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