Lake Alpine is located 25 miles east of Calaveras Big Trees State Park on Highway 4.

Update 7-15-2006
Lake Alpine, Big Meadows is no longer ran by Dodge Ridge Corp. They are now ran by American Land Leisure.

The bear just stopped in to check out our table decorations.
Brown Brear Paw Prints

Brown Brear Paw Prints

Nice site

Ready to go fishing, boys practiced before getting dressed.
fishing in pajamas

Enough Practice time to fish




Time to eat the trout. The kids loved it. eating the fish

Time for smores


This is from July 2005, starting a new generation off right.
Our two youngest playing ball

Inspiration Point, this year with the two young ones we didn't make the hike.
Hunter enjoying a swim.
I love this picture.

This is Bonnie and Nicole just before they terrorized Fejasoo
Here's Nicole trying to teach a Ridgeback to like water, I guess she never read the bio on the Rhodesian Ridgeback breed. She has a cute lab who is 1/2 fish
Do you guys know where we camped?
Getting ready for a meal
Camping is better with friends

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Trip of 2002 Can you imagine loading up a van with 3 teenagers, 1 baby, 2 dogs and a husband and wife to travel halfway across the country? Do they survive? One of the teenagers has studied the Donner Party trip and she packed bbq sauce in her suitcase. One of the dogs is a ridgeback, to those who don't know, they are their own methane greenhouse gas ozone destroying machine. Follow along as we document this event.

The trip of 2003. To Washington, Alaska, Edmonton (with 2 teenage girls we had to stay at the worlds largest mall), Yellowstone. What a road trip!

The trip of 2004. How about Florida! We drove to Fort Walton Beach Florida via Yuma, El Paso, Fort Worth, Baton Rouge, New Orleans, to Fort Walton Beach. We came home via Bowling Green, Springfield Mo., Amarillo, Flagstaff, Tonopah. Over 6000 miles, 16 states in 18 days. We are having too much fun.